Friday, January 15, 2010

Passionfruits galore

After a 2 year wait, an abundance of passionfruit have appear on one of the vines growing against our back verandah. They seem to be appearing out of thin air but an inspection of the base of the vine reveals a trunk of around 15cm girth. The roots are well and truly dug in and on some evenings, there is a frequent drum beat accompanying each fruit drop from the vine to the wooden verandah deck. Some manage to fall and balance on the verandah rail too.

We are at 120+ and counting.

Time for some passionfruit butter.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

water, 70% of everything really

Water. A real blessing and the source of all life, especially in this dry land.

What a difference a few years makes to the recovery of the land following the severe bushfires of 2000 and 2001. A friend visited our block this week after a few months away. He commented just how much greener everything was following the decent rains we've recently gained. We'd noticed this ourselves over the last 5 years too through the worst drought the east coast of Australia has experienced in recorded history.

The wattles seemed to be the first to recover, taking advantage of any rain that fell to shoot up 2 metres in less than 6 months. Not bad for essentially sandy soil without much in the way of nutrients. Almost impassable to walk through. You have to hack your way through like an 18th century explorer. These saplings proved useful for repair of our garden fencing to keep out the wildlife, providing you used them green. A bit of wattle without the daub. Within a few days, they had lost their moisture and their flexibility. The leaves then contributed to the mulch on the garden.

The dam is still maintaining a fairly constant level too despite its minimal incoming drain. This will be improved over the first few months of 2009. The more water you catch, the more you can use and the more that is available for the fauna.

stay green for now

Thursday, January 1, 2009

ice cream bean plant

The "ice cream bean" has been promoted on ABC gardening Australia recently. We have been growing this fascinating large bush for several years and have a few small bushes for sale at $25.00 AUD each plus postage. When the tree fruits it has large pods encasing white pulp, which looks like cotton wool covering black seeds. You ONLY eat the white pulp, not the seeds. The cottonwool -like pulp tastes like ice cream. This tree is a native of Brazil.

Some people refer to this as a bush, but it is more like a spindly sparse tree, with thick drought resistant leathery leaves , which are reddish when young and turn to a darker green. The tree can grow to about 5 metres with a spread of 3 metres, in just 5 years! We find it ideal as a shade tree near windows, easy to manage, allows air flow and hardly needs any trimming.

It has taken a while for the local animals possums and cockatoos to try them out, but now they are eating them all and not leaving any for us! Below are some photos. contact us at sampsms at ozemail dot com dot au.
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Country Kitchen Garden is our blogspot name

"Country Kitchen Garden"
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This is where we have our 100 acre Business site.
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One Photo shows tree rings of a felled tree with several burn rings, clearly indicating that fire has ravaged this area many times,YET the bush regenerates.
Life not only continues but the fires are essential for some of the flora to set and release their seed.
One of the secrets of the Australian Bush is its dependence of Fire!

Many of the Unique plants NEED the heat of the fire to release their seeds.
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